Europass Student Academy

Group Mobilities
for Students

Partner with us to design unforgettable educational experiences abroad for your students

We help you plan a program to fit your budget and educational goals!

With an extensive network of trainers, academies, and partner institutions, we offer interactive and engaging workshops on a wide range of topics.

We provide comprehensive support in organizing and managing successful international mobility for your students.

Base Mobility Package:

Workshop on any given topic

Additional Options:

  • Cultural Activities
  • Visit to Local Schools
  • Accommodation
  • Peer Activities

Base mobility package

All our courses start at a flat rate of €350 per student per week, which includes a workshop of 4 hours/day.

Our workshops are conducted by trainers highly expert in their respective fields.

Courses can be held half-day, leaving your students time for extracurricular activities.

Discover the topics available

Additional services

Cultural Immersion

Cultural activities and outdoor experiential learning will be planned together with you to align with the learning objectives and topics, providing a deeper understanding of the local culture through its history, arts, and people.

Visit to a local school

Visits to local schools can also be coordinated to align with your educational goals, considering the school level and subjects taught, to enhance the learning experience of your students.


If you want full support, depending on the location, we can help you find various types of accommodations including shared apartments, hotels, and host families.

Peer activities

Engaging peer activities with local students can be integrated to foster collaboration and deeper learning among students.

Pricing and funding

Write us to design the learning mobility for your students, we will be happy to provide you with a customized offer based on the learning goals, the local activities, and the number of students involved.

Student mobilities can be funded by Erasmus+ or several other national educational funds, making these experiences accessible to all schools. Write us for more information and support.

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